Monday, February 4, 2013

Spoiled and loving it!

Some things never change. Like kids. Most of them, under the age of ten, think it is their prime function in life to have fun. They seek it in all forms and bug parents and grandparents to provide it on an ever grander scale. And we really do try to please them, life is hard after all, but it’s a bit much at times. There have been a couple of episodes lately, though, that warm my heart – in that – the simple old fashioned pleasures can still thrill and engage young minds.

For instance – dioramas. An old shoebox, some dollar store construction paper, crayons, tape and scissors made this lovely creation and gave two of my granddaughters and their friend, Olana, much pleasure. They all adore Hello Kitty. I sat and made this one with them and Melodi and Olana took the ones they made home. Sierra was there with more enthusiasm than skill, but she’ll come along.

And then at my daughter-in-law Heather’s birthday party where no lavish entertainment was prepared for the children, we see great young minds at work. Lo and Behold they came up with an idea. Blanket Mountain! Every cushion and pillow and blanket in Grandma’s living room was commandeered for the construction project. And why build it if you can’t jump into it – sort of an indoor substitute pile of leaves.



Just before that party I had to pick up some other things at the dollar store and Melodi threw a bag of 25 balloons into the basket. I sprung for them – a whole buck and we’d have party balloons besides. When we got home, had lunch and hunkered down to pass the afternoon, guess what we did? Yup, we blew up balloons. We tossed them. We rubbed them on our hair and stuck them to the walls. And the ceiling. But the best fun of all was taking the small soft ball, cloth, that Grandma was smart enough to buy at yet another cheapo store, and trying to knock the balloons off the ceiling with it. Bop, bam, uh-oh watch that lamp. Fun, fun stuff.

Cardboard boxes, construction paper, cushions and blankets, a dollar bag of balloons. Kids nowadays. They just have everything.


  1. Fun stuff! Can I come to your next party? :D

  2. Sure - but you have to bring your own blanket. =0)

  3. Oh, Sue... this brought me back to two places! One with my youngest niece when I took care of her on Fridays and we made tents out of blankets and made pictures gluing leaves on a tree we drew ourselves... and way, way back to my cousin and I taking the cushions off Grandma's sofa in the parlor, bringing them into the front room to ride the waves on that ocean floor. Then Great Grandma coming down the stairs hollaring at us for making too much noise and "Put those cushions back right now!" Not all grandmas are as much fun as YOU, but they're fun memories!

    1. I have memories of these things myself. Kids have great imaginations, don't they? My furniture is so old I don't think the kids can do it much more harm. LOL Thanks fro stopping by! Always love to know your thoughts.