Friday, January 20, 2012

Medicine Mom

This happened quite a few years ago, but remains relevant as most mothers will attest!
When our oldest son came down with his first caught- at- school head cold, I was unprepared. So I left him with his Dad and ran to the grocery store to pick up some cold medicine. When I got home I wrapped my sick child in a blanket and set him in a chair. I told him I had something that would help his coughing and sniffling. He looked at me with watery eyes and smiled.

I opened the box and took out the bottle. I snipped away the clear plastic seal around the cap. My son sighed. I opened the child protective cap by pushing down and twisting then I got a small knife from the kitchen drawer to remove the thin plastic seal over the bottle opening. When at last I got to the wad of cotton inside the bottle I looked at my son. Poor little guy was miserable, but he had enough wits about him to give me a lopsided grin and quip, “Boy, Mom, by the time you get that open, I’ll be all better!” 

Image:  Stuart Miles

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