Friday, July 13, 2012

And now . . . Joel

What kind of a guy loves classic old movies as in . . .

He leaned over the table and grinned at Rashawna. “We are on a case,” he purred. “We are crack detectives, just like Nick and Nora Charles.”

 and ‘detective stuff’ as in . . .

Minnie said, “The more corroboration we have the better.”
“Oh man, another detective word,” said Joel. “I’m starting to totally dig this stuff.”
Has had a brush or two with the law as in . . .

“I’m not a criminal—just owing on a few traffic tickets.”
“How many is a few,” I asked.
“Not sure, maybe twenty.”

And who thinks Rashawna is about as hot a chick as there is out there. As in . . .

It was so quiet in the back seat my curiosity got the better of me, and I shot a swift glance into the rear view mirror. It looked like Joel was swallowing Rashawna’s face. So much for bickering!

Well – that would be Joel, our modern day young man all wrapped up like a burrito in a bandana and slathereed with a generous helping of trepidation, bursts of bravado and 'anger issues' for added flavor.

Bet you can’t wait to meet him!

Note: As with my introduction of Minnie and Rashawna - I used photos closest to what I imagine each would look like. Just like you will.

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  1. You won the bet... can't wait to meet Joel and the others. One good thought, when we meet Joel and Minnie and Rashawna, the weather will be cooler. Thankfully!

    1. Cindy, Glad the stakes weren't too high. And yup, we'll be looking at much cooler climes when November hits! Thanks for commenting!