Friday, August 17, 2012

For My Readers

Yesterday I did a not-very-ladylike thing. I was in the kitchen hacking away at tomatoes,  making pasta sauce. I had to dig out a bad spot in one of them before plopping it into the pot of hot water but just before I did I stopped. The glorious red juicy inside of the object in my hand was too much to resist. I plunged my face right into it – as I reached for the salt shaker. YUM! It was enormously satisfying and I shooed away the thought of how it would have looked to anyone watching.

You just can’t get that kind of goodness in the winter. Which is coming. The weather guy reminded us of that this morning when he said some of us could have morning temperatures in the 40’s this weekend. Brrrrr!

But this cooking and plunging got me to thinking about food. Um – I do that a lot. Have to think about what we’re going to eat every day just about. It’s in my job description. But it happens to be one of my favorite topics. Then I thought of you, my faithful readers. What good could come from all these food thoughts for you? Then it hit me – my awesome garlic bread!

I’m going to tell you how to make it. Tell You - no recipe. Just know if you make this and make it right, you will be in demand everywhere. Really. This is the thing most requested from my family at gatherings where there are dishes of pasta, platters of ribs, fried chicken – you name it.

So . . .

Buy a loaf of good Italian bread, unsliced. Cut it lengthwise then crosswise to make easy-to-hold pieces. Lay them cut side up on a large cookie sheet.

Next get out a saucepan. Pour some olive oil in to cover the bottom and add a big lump of butter – like a whole stick. Warm these together.

Add some fresh chopped garlic. Leave it in chunks and bits and don’t stint. It’s GARLIC BREAD. Stir it up. Add some sweet basil (fresh if you have it) and some oregano. Sometimes I put in a little garlic powder for added hairs on the chest.

When this is all bubbly around the edges add your Parmesan cheese. I prefer it from a can – I know – but it’s just as good in this recipe. But grate fresh if you like.  Stir it in slowly and don’t overdo – it’s not cheese bread.

Turn the heat off and let this melange sit on the stove for a bit to blend the flavors. Turn on the broiler and put the rack right under. Spread the garlic mixure onto your slices. Make sure to stir up the cheese from the bottom so every slice has some on it.

While this is under the broiler – for One minute or so – don’t burn it; lick the spoon. Go ahead, I won’t tell anyone you did it if you don't rat me out as a tomato face.

Remove your golden brown slices, let cool a bit, and serve in a pretty basket. Or not. Your pretty basket may get savaged when your guests discover how good it is. I’m just sayin.’

You’re welcome.  

Picture: What hubby put on the kitchen counter this afternoon. And if you make this garlic bread, take a picture. Send it to me and I'll post it here.

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