Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer . . .

Almost every day I take a walk up to our garden and have a look around. There are five fat watermelons and as many pumpkins waiting to be picked - but not quite yet. The weeds are a bit higher than we'd like especially where the herbs are planted. Tall grass stands along the boards hubby used to keep the rabbits out and the mesh deer fence is sagging. The last few visits, though, have seen a bit of sadness seep in as I realize what's coming. Fall. The tomato plants give testimony to that fact in their brown leaves and stems, just barely able to hold the heavy ripening fruit. The cucumber plants are dying on the vine and the summer squash and zuchinni are in the last days. These realities - along with the Halloween stuff and pumpkins showing up in the stores - force me to look ahead to the next season. In doing so I remembered the following poem; one I sold to Good Old Days back in 2009.

Last Picnic of Summer

Before she sheds her flowered dress
sweet Summer grants one last caress
and wraps her suntanned arms around
the peaceful place my heart has found

She bids me listen just once more
for water lapping on the shore,
and children thumping on the sand
to music from the oompa band

Picnic tables piled high
with buttered corn and cherry pie;
fireflies are sheer delight
blinking, winking through the night

We find some marshmallows to toast
then through the flickering fire, the ghost
of Summer who, with gentle laugh
goes slipping down bright autumn’s path

Let me know what you think. Maybe this is how it is for you, too, as you look ahead to the beauty of autumn and remember the delights of summer.

Image: Michal Marcol                                                   Free Digital Photos


  1. Even as hot as it's been this year, I'm never ready for summer to leave.

    1. It's the heating season I dread. But there's also the big batches of warm cookies, crockpot stews and snuggling in the recliner under a blanket with an excellent book to look forward to, right? Thanks for ooming by, Marion.

  2. Susan --

    As a "Fall Fan," I'm not a huge Summer guy, but loved rhyme schemes.

    PS -- I was in Tarrytown today. Look forward to seeing you at your book signing.


    1. Hi, Steve! Fall is just about my favorite season. Spring is a very close second. Awesome that you'll be at the book signing. I'm trying not to get myself in a tizzy thinking about it. It's exciting and scary at the same time. Thanks for stopping by.=0)

  3. You wanted to know what we think (your fans!) Like Steve, summer isn't one of my favorites though I loved your description of it fading and your poem. Fall and spring are my favorites, and with the heat of summer, I have to say winter is my third. (People usually want to throw things at me when I say that, especially because I'm not even into winter sports. Just prefer cold to HOT!)

    1. Cindy! So nice of you to comment. I'm glad you liked the imagery in the poem. My Nordic blood dictates that I prefer cool weather to hot, but a summer day with no humidity and all the birds singing is hard to beat. Each season has its charms! Hugs.

  4. Jennifer Brown BanksAugust 17, 2012 at 10:02 AM


    You do have a way with words! :-)
    Like you, I prefer Fall--it's my favorite, with spring being second. I hate "extremes" in anything, (including weather). lol

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jennifer, Our favorite season is coming - it always inspires me. The trees around here are glorious then and my west coast family loves to come and visit at that time best of all. So glad you stopped by!