Monday, September 10, 2012

On Writing

I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was seventeen. I didn’t get around to doing anything about it until I was several decades beyond that. By that time I was pretty sure children’s stories were my thing so I began there. I liked children, had a way with words and of course it was a ridiculously simple thing to write for children. I had some success with poems and articles, but my picture book manuscripts kept coming back to me. Huh. What could those publishers want that I wasn’t providing? For crying out loud some kids books only had fifty or sixty words. Undaunted, I kept writing and hoping.

I think the worm began to turn the day I got one particular piece back. As far as submissions go I’d done everything correctly. My contact information was right up there in the corner and each subsequent page identified with a number and my name. I’d included my SASE (self addressed stamped envelope). Oh – and I thought it was a darned good story, too.

So after the typically long writer’s wait I tripped along to the mailbox one day and there was my SASE back from the publisher. But something was odd. It had been sealed with wide tan colored tape and in additon – I swear this happened – it looked as though someone had run over it with their car or maybe even a truck. There were black tire track looking marks running straight across the back of the envelope. Geez.

I’ve been writing pretty much for adults ever since.

PS: I will still write for children when inspiration hits me upside the head demanding it. I have one children’s Christmas story I’d still like to sell to a picture book publisher. That would be so cool, right Cindy? So if you know any publishers looking for one, let me know.

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  1. Oh, you're so cute, Susan! Yes, that would be SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOL as it would help me with my Christmas gift list, and I so want to own that particular picture book. Don't give up ~ ever, ever, ever! And I'll check out publishers. Love ya!

    1. If every writer had a cheerleader like you, Cindy, there would be that much more happiness in the world. I have a friend whose son-in-law, Logan Kline, illustrates for Highlights and he's wonderful. I have one of his pen and ink prints and he would do such an outstanding job with Mary's Sparrow. Sigh. Some day. Love ya back!