Monday, September 17, 2012

Other Things

Just in case you’re thinking I only write mysteries and blog posts, I thought I’d let you in on some of the other places I’m published. In Life Lessons from Teachers, released last month, I wrote about my tenth grade history teacher, Mr. Prange. My story is titled Mr. Prange Does War. The man should have been an actor. I just loved his class. My friend, Cindy, who frequently comments here, has a story in this book, too. Her dad story in Life Lessons from Dads by the same publisher is wonderful.

I’ve also got a cute story about our cat Sam, not to be confused with our grandson, Sam, in this new Chicken Soup for the Soul book. Sam the cat was named after Frodo’s best pal in Lord of the Rings. Sam our grandson was named after his maternal grandfather. We've only ever been owned by two cats, Puss and Sam. I loved them both and I think they loved me. Hubby not so much. This book is available on Amazon on September 18th. Also check for it at Blackwood and Brouwer Booksellers in Kinderhook or your own local bookstore. My story is on page 109.

We've had lots of dogs, the last two being English Springer Spaniels. I wrote one story about the first, Gracie, and how she saved hubby's life one day when he ventured onto the barn roof and almost became a monument up there. That story was in Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers II. I loaned that book to someone so I can't show you the cover. And the publisher is no longer.

Anyway, you might enjoy some of the stories in these books. Go ahead and leave a review on Amazon or elsewhere if you get a chance to read them. Authors just love that!


  1. Jennifer Brown BanksSeptember 18, 2012 at 4:36 AM


    In the words of Lawrence Welks, "Wunnerful, wunnerful!" Wishing you many more successes! You go girl. :-)

  2. Jen! You know who Lawrence Welk is? LOL Thanks for the kudos.

    1. Well, I don't actually "know him" but I think I heard mention of him before. Maybe my mom? LOL

      Couldn't remember if his last name was spelled "Welks" or "Welk."

  3. In your excitement, I know you meant to also mention that there's another friend of yours published in the LIFE LESSONS FROM DADS ~ Christine's story titled "Mrs. Wagner's Children". It's delightful as is yours! Thanks for your kind words on my stories. You helped me so much with each of them.

  4. Christine and I are often published together - so many I forget sometimes. LOL I didn't make the Dad's book, but love her story.