Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Tis the Season - for Catalogs

They start coming right after school starts – sometimes by the boatload. One of my best writing buds and I comment on it to each other.

“Well, it’s catalog season.” LOL

And I know exactly what she means. Another friend swears that more often than not we get the same catalogs over and over, but with different covers. We feel a little deceived. Hey, this has the same stuff as last time we think. I throw most catalogs away, but some are put in the tonight-in-the-recliner pile. Here’s why.

I’m a creative person and love the creativity of others. The clothing catalogs are the ones I most frequently toss, but I almost always hang on to the toy catalogs and the ones for home décor / gifts. Some are combos. One has some of the funniest t-shirt lines you’ll ever read. Like this one.

Greco Roman columns on each side of the following words, splayed across ther front, and for whom several family members come to mind.

Behold Farticus!

And another.

My Indian Name is Runs With Beer.

I laughed out loud when I read those two. I’m also happy to report that some of my old favorites still merit attention. This on a sofa throw.

Wise Men Still Seek Him.

I think of the wonderful minds whose job it is to come up with new ideas that will please and inspire the buying public. There are also catalogs like the one from The Vermont Country Store that cater to the desire in us for all the old creative ideas - still going strong - that we can't find anywhere else. The MaKenzie- Childs catalog shows us what's new in the world of ceramics and glass. They're pricey, but I like to know what the other half is offered, too. I even bought something from them - once. The variety and scope of what's presented in catalogs boggles the mind. I love it.

And while it’s true most of us don’t need more stuff, we do, on occasion need change. We need to feel like we can buy a new thing-a-ma-jig once in a while just to show we have a choice about it. All of our money needn’t go for necessities. Sometimes you just want a little mood booster in the form of a pretty pillow or a truly innovative toy for a child or grandchild. We can sit comfortably and decide at our leisure, another benefit of having the merchant come to the door, so to speak.

It’s the American way, I guess. One creates and the other buys. Both are happy. It keeps the economy running. I tell my husband this all the time. I do my duty as often as I can to keep the wheels of commerce chugging. I gently incline my head and speak with solemnity. Calms him right down.  

No, I don’t keep every catalog but I hope they never go away. I want to know what creative minds are up to out there. Besides – I need reading material to keep in the basket just outside the bathroom door.

What do you think of Catalog Season?

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  1. I remember so well waiting for the Montgomery Wards Christmas catalog to pick out all the toys I needed for Christmas. It was during the Great Depression so we didn't have much money, but I thought Santa did. Still look through those catalogs that Mitch, the mail carrier, brings me. Usually they end up in recycle bin, but I have the pleasure of dreaming.

    1. The toys you "needed." LOL Kids never change, do they? It was the Sears catalog for us. I guess I still love the pleasure of dreaming, too, Marion. Nice to see your comments.

  2. Catalogs! I get them by the truckload. Even this summer I did. I might complain when I'm trying to squeeze them out of my mailbox, but after I recycle a lot, there are many I love and even order gifts from. They're unique gifts. My favorite is Bas Bleu (but the problem there is I am the one who wants te gifts ~ LOL!)

    I've laughed at the same T-shirts you mentioned and I've studied the Vermont Country Store one as there's always something there someone might like. Or something nostalgic. And I can always find something for my three sisters from Femail Creations or Signals. Young Explorers helped me with gifts for the little ones in the family. To me, it sure beats going to the mall!

    1. We're of the same mind on it then. =0)I do like the convenience of ordering at my leisure and I also order about 1/3 of my Christmas gifts online. I used to love the mall, but now, not so much. Thanks for stopping by!