Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello December

When I first began writing I didn't know exactly what I'd do best so I tried a little bit of everything - you might call it the tapas method. You know what that it, right? It's small servings of food, canapes (a really old fashioed word), appetizers, or snacks. The idea originated in Spain and was quite popular here for a while.

Anyway, one of my tastly little writing canapes is poetry. I looked outside this morning, and even though the temperature is on the warmish side, the sky is leaden. Which made me think of the following poem, one I wrote early on and sold to Capper's. It was the first thing I ever sent to them and they snapped it right up, much to my surprise! So I thought I'd share it with you. Even if you live in warmer climes, I think it will touch a chord. Especially if winter and the holidays go hand in hand in your mind.

December's Snowflake Dance

I heard it whispered on the wind
and searched the steely leaden sky.

I caught the scent of coming snow,
and upwards cast a watchful eye.

The golden days of autumn gone
as swiftly as a passing glance.

I lingered in the chilly dusk
to catch December's snowflake dance.

Kind of short, but to the point but it gives a nod to what's coming. I like winter until about mid-February but what I like seldom comes into play if Old Man Winter wants to hang around a bit longer. We'll see what happens, eh?

Image: Free Digital Photos