Sunday, December 23, 2012

In Those Days

This morning we had a thought provoking sermon the catalyst for which was the song, Mary Did You Know. The pastor made it clear before he read from the Gospel of Luke that we were not to understand the first three words of the passage, In those days, with some other words that often begin a story, Once upon a time. Oh, no. We are not talking human fancy or a fairy tale here. We're talking reality, straight up.

As we listened to the song I noticed the woman in front of me dabbing her eyes. It distracted me momentarily from my own tear inspiring thoughts. You see, when you understand what that Baby came to do, it releases all kinds of emotions. Tender ones. Anxious ones. Sometimes angry ones.

And when I came home I remembered the following poem I wrote  years ago. The idea of an earth hushed and still at Jesus' birth has always captured my imagination. So I had to form it somehow with words. Not as eloquent as in Mark Lowry's song, but my own at any rate. I hope you find something in them.

May God bless your Christmas with His always abiding Love.

Still, Still Night
By Susan Sundwall

Someone comforts a baby
Born in the still, still night
Someone lies in a manger
Beneath a new star’s light

Someone keeps a vigil
Guardian strong and good
There with ox and cattle
Lowly creatures of God

Angels near them hov’ring
Close in the still, still night
Shepherds tremble and wonder
Fall on their knees at the sight

Empires, kings and princes
In every age to come
Will bow to pay him homage
God’s only, holy Son

And yet a tender moment
Before He owns our plight
Someone comforts a baby
Born in the still... still... night.

If you would like to read my Christmas story, Mary's Sparrow, you'll find it here 


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  1. Beautiful, Susan... beautiful.

    And everyone should grab the chance to read your "Mary's Sparrow". It WILL become a picture book one day ~ that I believe... as much as I believe in that still, still night.

    Merry Christmas to all... and to all a blessed night!

  2. Thank you so much, Cindy. You are a true friend. Merry Christmas!