Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fun

It’s Friday and finally we have a little less heat and humidity. Makes me positively giddy. So – I thought you might enjoy reading and learning from some little tidbits I’ve discovered over the years. Oh and there’s a trivia quiz at the end.

1.      The smallest country in the world is Vatican City. It has 800 citizens and is a whooping .2 miles big. Who knew?
2.      Major League Baseball and the National Football League each have a team with the nicknames Cardinals and Giants. No wonder I get confused!
3.      A Barbie doll cost $6.99 when it was first introduced in 1959. Ten years later  you could get into Woodstock for $6.00 but I don’t think these two bits of info have anything to do with each other.
4.      The only letter not used in the spelling of any of our 50 states is “Q.” Interesting.
5.      There are more red stripes than white on Old Glory. Um, that’s our American flag if you didn’t know.
6.      Paul Revere’s horse was named Brown Beauty. Ha! Bet you didn’t know that.
7.      Chickens can fly but not very far. The record is 542 feet and record air time is 13 seconds. Gosh, I do better than that every time I see a mouse.
8.      Neither Bill Gates of Microsoft fame or Steve Jobs of Apple fame ever graduated from college. Gives people like me a boost. Sort of.
9.      Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest avocado eating day in America. Cinco de Mayo is the first. That last bit is a no brainer.
10.  The first U.S. born president was Martin Van Buren. His home is just down the road from us in Kinderhook, New York. But we don’t let it go to our heads.

Okay, Quiz Time (no peeking at the answers unless you’re totally stumped)

1.      What’s the name of the chicken on the Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Box?
2.      What candy is named after a horse?
3.      What does the term GI stand for?
4.      Are there squirrels in Australia?
5.      What is a fear of ghosts called?

Answers (sorry, I can’t print them upside down)

1.      Cornelius
2.      Snickers
3.      Government Issue
4.      No
5.      Phasmaphobia

Have a great weekend my trivia loving friends!

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  1. Sue,

    Fun stuff here! By the way--GI can also stand for "gastrointestinal".

    Here's another thought: why not give a trivia contest and give away a few of your new books? It can be a creative writing contest, or trivia on the color "red" or "shoelaces". Just a thought, dearest. :-)

    1. Great idea, Jen. A good thing to work on when I return from vacation. Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm dumb, too, Cindy. All this stuff is from books, Internet, and/or memory. Fun though!