Thursday, July 4, 2013

We Celebrate!

I wrote this poem years ago for a children's holiday program book at Standard Publishing. I thought you might enjoy its simple message. Have a super Independence Day!

Grand Celebration

By Susan Sundwall

High waves the flag
Over people and nation
A red, white and blue
Grand celebration

Remembering the freedom
Hard fought for and won
By the valiant and brave
For each daughter and son

Sweet Liberty’s song
Rang joyous and clear
Defying oppressor
And beating back fear

Deep in the battle
From hillside to sea
They kept close to God
So we could be free

With each step you take
On the soil of our nation
Recall what it took
To secure it’s creation

Go—send up your rockets
And midst the red glare
Pray God that our freedom
Will always be there

Image: nirots                                                                     Free Digital Photos

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