Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A long, long time ago, in a race for town council, my husband threw his hat into the ring. He’s had strong political opinions all his life and finally decided it was time to act instead of reacting all the time. He won. Needless to say it tossed us both into a realm quite different from our pretty normal and kinda humdrum life, but it was exciting and interesting just the same. Suddenly all kinds of people were calling, inviting us to events and seeking his opinion on any number of subjects. The man who headed up his campaign eventually ran for New York State Comptroller. It was heady stuff.

So the invitation came to attend a fundraiser for a congressman with the event taking place in Saratoga, an old city of renown and elegance. Saratoga Race Track is world famous and the city itself is beautiful and noted for its style and upper crust social scene. I was assured that dress was casual but I took care with my appearance nonetheless (I didn’t know about hemorrhoid cream as a beauty aid at the time – thank God!). At any rate I didn’t think my town councilman husband had anything to be ashamed of in me. Off we went.

The large hall was lovely. Red, white and blue bunting graced the podium, people milled about drinking good wine and holding small plates of yummy looking treats. I was abandoned pretty quickly by the councilman, but really didn’t mind since my radar was up for the free food. It was okay with me that I knew almost no one. It gave me a chance to hit the food stations with abandon. There were choice offerings like cheese tortellini in cream sauce, spinach dip, little bacon thingys, fruit platters, shrimp Rangoon and so much more.

Soon, though, I was waved over to speak with our campaign manager and a few other political types and I did my charming best to comment on the proceedings. I smiled and laughed in all the right places and adopted a cool and elegant demeanor during the congressman’s address. I imagined I was being very Grace Kelly-esque. As the evening wound down hubby sidled off to offer farewells to his political buddies and I sidled over for bit more spinach dip and cheese tortellini before my own gracious farewells.

I was one contented councilman’s wife as we drove home. Of course I couldn’t wait to get into comfy jammies, stretch out in my recliner, and delight in how well the evening had gone. But first I hit the bathroom to remove the makeup and brush my teeth. Still feeling all bubbly and Kelly-esque, I loaded my toothbrush and looked into the mirror only to see a goofy looking hillbilly gawking back at me. You know, the gap – toothed goober types you see in old Warner Brothers cartoons?

On closer examination I discovered what made me suddenly resemble Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies and  NOT Grace Kelly. I had a long dark strand of spinach stuck between my two front teeth.

I decided to laugh instead of cry because I just knew that’s what all those influential politicians had done every time I’d grinned back at them all evening.

I’m sure glad the guy I live with never wanted to run for president!!   

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  1. I can't stop laughing. But honestly, you would have been a great First Lady!

  2. Cindy, I think I've actually blocked out whether I spoke with Congressman Jerry Solomon that night. There are some things too hard to bear.LOL

  3. There's never a dull moment with you, Susan! :-) Great read.