Monday, April 9, 2012

Ratty Sweater Day

The other day when I had no errand running to do, no children to protect, and nothing to dress nice for – I reached into my bottom dresser drawer and grabbed it. The thing is at least twenty years old, fashioned from dark blue boucle with a pocket on each side and big blue buttons down the front. Moreover, it’s long enough to cover my heiney. A day in my ratty blue sweater is dear indeed and I snuggled into it like I snuggle into hubby’s arms. In both places I find warmth, interesting smells, love and acceptance.

Okay, maybe I’m going overboard with those last few honors, but don’t you have an article or two of clothing that you just can’t part with?

I tried to remember when I’d bought that sweater. Probably right after I threw out the one it replaced. My mother-in-law had given me that one – a short sleeved beige number that also covered my upper thigh area and had pockets. I hung onto that thing for years. But the blue one is just as special. In any case I’m sure it was the height of fashion when I pulled it off the store rack and it was a ‘good sweater’ for a while. But over the years it has become so beloved that it’s now bedraggled – kind of like a kids favorite stuffed animal. A boucle bunny, maybe.

Know what? I don’t care. It’s earned its place alongside the pair of LL Bean weekend pants that got so thin on the inseam I couldn’t wear them outside in the winter. Brrr. They had the perfect drape. I always felt well covered in them and I’ve never found another pair like them. Included on that list is a pair of sandals I wore until the sole departed from the foot bed  and even though I glued it back I still had to throw them out when the glued failed. I never found another pair like them either – they went with everything. I was in mourning for months.

I don’t like to be caught out in my ratty sweater, but if someone pops in I just hug it around me and mumble something about wearing my comfy clothes today. Like minded friends and family just smile and nod. So, take a look at my ratty sweater up there (note the paint spatter on the pocket) and then go into your own closet or drawer. You have something just like it in there, don’t ya? Maybe we could start a club or something.

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