Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Post

As you may know, my sister, Shari, visited me recently. Before she came to us she spent a few days visiting our brother, Tim, and his amazingly talented wife, Elizabeth, in Texas. Here she chronicles some of her experiences. Thank you, Shar - love you so much!

Where Good Resides
TEXAS is a different sort of country.  Can’t really explain it.  Maybe it’s the flags in the yards, maybe it’s the Bible on the table, or perhaps it’s the Texas pride in gun ownership that gives one a real feeling of safety and solidarity.   
 OR maybe it’s experiencing the life of two very hard- working, intelligent people relentlessly pursuing their dreams and succeeding beautifully!  That would be Tim and Elizabeth Bagger, my brother and sister-in-law.  My vacation at their home was glorious.  The steak dinner, a walk to the town square with friend Matt for a glass of wine was just about perfect. The next day, we visited the 6th Floor Museum, the historic building where Oswald took aim at JFK.  It is quite an emotional experience.  
If you want to talk about homes, theirs is beautiful.  I especially loved the library and the upstairs living room where all you could see out the windows was the lovely waving of the green trees.
A tour of the town of McKinney and dessert in the home of more friends was just about all a person could ask for. Good people, salt of the earth people.
Next vacation stop, New York.
Upstate New York, of course, is quite different.  Rain storms and cold weather DO NOT halt the Little League ball games, nor hinder the Soccer players.  Family love and the well- being of children is the most worthy pursuit evidenced here.  Imagine being welcomed into a home with fresh baked bread and hot milk sponge cake sitting out for your arrival.  Imagine your favorite flower, lilacs, sitting on your dresser.
Although my sister, Sue, is getting her first book published it certainly is not her only success.  She has been receiving check after check for many years for her thoughtful, calculated articles, short stories, children’s plays and poetry.  The store where she will sign copies of “The Red Shoelace Killer” for the launch of her book is run by two very classy, professional women who know the business well and also know many famous writers.  Sue is in good hands.
Sue’s phenomenal cooking brings the family over for Sunday dinner.  Chaos is rampant but the children are so beautiful it is a joy to watch them. 
Yes, there is an essence that I take away, loving homes and loving families.
It is where good resides.


  1. My favorite aunt got away before we could have a real blow out on politics or religion though. I won't let her borrow books anymore either. She left Crispin Sartwell's "Against the State" for some hapless airline worker last time.

    Great post.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time mom Thank you Bagger's and sundwall's for taking such good care of my mom when she visited !!

  3. Sue, your family sounds fabulous and Shari is a great writer, too. So much talent in one family! And family is what life is all about. Thanks for writing this Shari!

  4. Thank you all for your comments. I know Shari will be pleased that her words were read and enjoyed! And, yes, Cindy - Shari writes much better than she thinks. =0)

  5. Susan and Shari --

    Nice post -- loved it!