Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When B.I.C = B.I.B.

I just landed a two article assignment for the Writer’s Guide to 2013 and I’m very pleased to have done so. It will require a lot of BIC which, if you’re a writer, you’re chuckling right now because you know what that means. If you’re not a writer and are curious, BIC means butt in chair. It’s the only way serious writers get anything done. The hazard here is that it can lead to BIB which in Susan Speak means BIG in butt. Sigh.

I know very few women who don’t have concerns about their body image and I’m no exception. I want to be Madam El Sleeko as much as anyone, but most especially if I’m going to appear in public places to promote my mystery – coming out in November – (she states – yet again).

What’s a girl to do? Okay, I need a plan. Like, skipping the potato chip aisle in the grocery store! Except in our local Hannaford the chips and the bread share the same aisle, and ya gotta have bread, right? It’s the staff of life. And I kinda think dill pickle chips might be in that category, too. Picture Moses holding a glorious staff made of chips – all kinds. Wouldn’t that be colorful and yummy looking?


Well, then, how about rice cakes? Yeah, they have all kinds of flavors with those things. Problem is, I bought some caramel flavored ones a few weeks ago – really low cal – and  I think they might end up being crow food. The chemical taste of the caramel was awful! Yuck! P-tooey! No rice cake staff for me. I probably won’t even inflict them on my crows.

I guess I’ll have struggle along, get up and dance around the room every half hour or so, or maybe quit eating altogether.

But if I fail at all of that, would you do me a favor? When you come to one of my book signings, would you look me in the EYE? I’d really appreciate it!

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  1. Oh, dear... I have B.I.B.! It wouldn't be so bad if I was constantly writing, but I do play cards A LOT on the computer, and eat while I'm doing so. Guess I better change my ways in case I ever become as famous as you!

  2. Oh, yeah, a famous B.I.B., that's what I want to be. LOL As always, thanks for your comment, Cindy!

  3. Ah rice cakes! I get the plain and spread peanut butter and jelly. That might be just as bad, or even worse (I don't measure the peanut butter to 1 tbsp). Thanks for the warning about the carmel ones though. I'll stick to plain with PBJ. Marion

  4. Hi Marion, Some of the cheese rice cakes are okay, but I usually just try to cut back. Thanks for stopping by!