Thursday, May 3, 2012

Silly Poems

I wrote this poem years ago for Read Magazine. They didn't buy it and I've sent it all over the place since, with no takers.

So . . . I'm posting it here because I think some of my teen nieces and great nieces and maybe my granddaughter, Elaina, will think it's funny. Plus, maybe a geeker is in love with one of them. Here's his side. Let me know girls!

Geeker in Love
By Susan Sundwall                                                               

I see her walking
down the hall, my love
the bestest girl of all.

Her eyes are red,
her lips are blue, no wait,
I’ve just confused the two!

And now she’s standing
next to me; my face goes numb
I want to flee.

I cannot look her
in the face, ‘cause I’m a geek
and she is grace.

She opens up her locker door;
a note falls out
upon the floor.

She picks it up but doesn’t know
it’s me, the geek,
who loves her so.

I didn’t, couldn’t, sign the note,
and now my tongue
swells in my throat.

I’m gonna faint, I’m gonna fall,
disgrace myself
here in the hall.

But just before I kiss the floor,
I see her eyes
and she looks sore!

She wads my note into a ball;
I watch her walk
back down the hall.

The very bestest girl of all.

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  1. Jennifer Brown BanksMay 4, 2012 at 5:06 AM

    Adorable, Susan! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Very cute! I'd also love to see one about a bold geek -- there seem to be plenty of those around too!

  3. Thanks, ladies. It's tough writing for teens!