Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scary Moments

We all have times when scary invades our lives. It can be seconds, hours, or days. The following happened many years ago, but it burned a memory into my brain and is yet another example of how my life is guarded and preserved by forces not seen.

I was so glad to learn that our new pastoral intern’s wife, Jane, was a crafter. In the course of getting to know her she mentioned the decorated mirrors she made and I shared with her about my teddy bears. I used all manner of re-cycled materials and gave most of them away as gifts. Jane had bigger ideas, however, and asked if I’d ever done a craft fair. She had learned of one in a neighboring state and wondered if I’d like to take a table with her. Boy, would I! I got busy making more bears and two weeks later we were on our way to Massachuesetts, about an hours drive.
We took two cars, each packed up with our craft items. We left early and there was a light rain falling, a good thing we thought, as it would encourage people to attend the indoor event. And that’s what happened. Each of us sold a respectable amount of our crafts which paid for the table and gave us some pocket money. We packed up and left the building noting that the rain was falling harder now. We happily dashed to our cars and I told Jane I’d lead the way as we left.
It was dark by that time and we had to navigate through some hills but we made good time. We were only a short distance from the road where we would part ways when suddenly we came over short rise, and I noticed with alarm that a low spot just ahead was deep in water. Too late I saw the headlights of an oncoming car and realized we were going to hit that spot at the same time. It was coming on so fast I had no time to think. I couldn’t slow down quickly with Jane close behind and I couldn’t swerve to either side of the road. I held tightly to the steering wheel as huge plumes of water, like ocean waves, shot up from the force of two cars hitting the water at once. I gasped, “Lord, save me!” The plumes were illuminated by each cars high beams, and then there was only water and blinding light. I was frozen with fear but in three or four terrifying seconds it was all over. Our cars had hit the water, but not each other.
My immediate thought was of Jane. With heart hammering I pulled into a nearby side road and stopped. I saw her headlights in my rear view mirror and rolled down my window. She was instantly beside me and grabbed my hand, looking to the sky. “Thank you, Father,” she said with great fervor. I couldn’t even speak. After we’d calmed down, we contiued our journey home, so very thankful for a God who watches over us even when we’re paralyzed with fear.

Image: Christian Southworth                                              Free Digital Photos


  1. Jennifer Brown BanksMay 8, 2012 at 5:58 AM

    Amen! I can certainly relate. So glad this tale had a happy ending.

  2. A scary moment, but He was watching over you.

  3. Sometimes you don't see the freight train coming, but it's comforting to know Someone is willing and able to push you off the tracks! Thanks for your remarks, ladies.