Sunday, June 3, 2012

All on a Saturday

So what if there was drizzle – hair frizzin’ drizzle? Nothing was going to stop me and best bud, Karen, from seeing what this year’s Kindercrafter’s had to offer. For the un-informed, that's the June craft fair held in  Kinderhook, NY every year. Once upon a time the Kindercrafters made a quilt to be raffled off at the fair. Sadly, that group has dissolved, but the fair goes on. Yay!

So – what did we find? Friends, first of all. People we know in other walks of life were all over the place. Our pastor’s wife, Christa. Our pinochle pal, Terry and many others to smile and nod at or stop to pass the time of day with. Manning the Lion’s Club food booth were my daughter-in-law Kate’s parents, Al and Mimi. Karen and I had our lunch there. The Lion Burger has the BEST caramelized onions for that burger. Oh – Yum. Kate, Eric, Sam and Anna were there, too, loving a huge slab of fried dough covered in powdered sugar. Yum - again!

We wandered into Blackwood & Brouwer the Indie book store where my book signing will be in November. It was packed with fair goers. You can just see the name of the store in the upper left hand window. I told the owner she should bottle the smell in this wonderful place; rich with book, good coffee and old wood aromas. It's like the rest of Kinderhook - a step back in time. I love it.

The 1993 Caldecott Medal winner, Emily Arnold McCully, was there signing her latest book. I chose one of her others – more boy oriented – for  Sam and she signed it for me. Ms. McCully is also an illustrator and she zippy quick drew a little ship near her signature. Amazing. The book is Manjiro.

The Old Dutch Inn was open for anyone to walk through. Lots of rennovating being done and there’s a vote on June 19 to approve a sewer system. Jobs will be created and the historic eatery will once again grace the streets of Kinderhook if all goes well. They had yummy refreshments set up in one room. Karen and I partook and then were escorted around the Inn by the niece of the new owner, Al Roberts. Very nice lady - and he was gracious, too.

On our way out we found a yard sale and another of our mutual friends, Sue, who was chatting with the yard sale lady and her friend. I told them about my book and gave each my ‘mystery writer’ business card. I found this cute wooden duck who now resides in one of my flower beds. Is he a charmer or what? Our youngest granddaughter, Sierra, will love it! And her sister might, too. As we turned to go one of the gals asked if I’d sign the back of my card. I told her if I’m ever famous she can say she knows me. Ha!

Sunday has only begun, but I know good stuff is waiting to happen. Better save that for another post!


  1. I felt like I just walked through Kinderhook. Thanks for taking us for a tour. Delightful!

    1. Cindy, Even though it was a drippy, droopy day people came out. We have a very nice community. I'm glad you enjoyed the 'walk!'