Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guest Post

My friend, Marion, pointed out to me the other day that June is the month of weddings. She offered to share the following story about that happy - and mis-hapy - time in her life. Enjoy!

The Wedding Ring Mistake
by Marion Tickner

It is June, the month of weddings. My mind goes back 40 years to my own wedding. I let Norman pick out the diamond engagement ring, but we picked out the wedding bands together. Norman asked to have our initials and the date engraved on the inside. I don’t see how anyone could do that in such a small space, but they do.

Since I worked downtown at the time, I picked up the rings on my lunch hour. I had invited Norman for supper and we opened that little brown envelope to examine the rings.

“That’s not right,” I said. The date was correct, his initials were correct, but not mine.

We were getting married in two days, no time to change anything.

“You’re going to have to get a new woman,” I told him, jokingly, “or we get married with the wrong rings.”

The next day I made a special trip downtown. The sales lady admitted it was her fault and she apologized. “You’ll have to get married with the rings and bring them back to correct the initials.”

I can’t get my ring off now to see what had been done, but even though they attempted to work over the initials I was never completely happy with them.

Years went by. Norman became ill and began to lose weight. One Sunday morning as we sat in church I noticed he wasn’t wearing his ring. I looked around the area he had been and notified the church secretary, and of course looked around home, but the ring was never found.

When his birthday rolled around, I took him to a different jewelry store and bought a new ring. The saleslady agreed to have the initials and our wedding date engraved inside. “If you can wait half an hour, you can take it home today.”

While we waited, I told her the story of our rings and how the wrong initials were put inside. When the ring was ready, she came from the back room laughing. “You’re not going to believe this. He put in the wrong initials. Can you come back tomorrow?”

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  1. I love this story Marion. You and Norman must have had gold carving gremlins hanging around your wedding rings!

  2. Sweet memories, Marion! I can vouch that it was a blessed marriage.