Monday, June 18, 2012

Well - What a Weekend!

Started in the strawberry fields in Kinderhook. The women and kids were out with the buckets, bowls and kettles – picking, sneaking a taste, picking, holding up the really big ones in wonder – the whole enchilada. It was glorious. Eventually we had enough to take back to Grandma’s little jam factory which was ready and waiting when we got back to the ranch  - so to speak.

The men showed up to eat the pizza we ordered - from Mark's, Yum! - and helped keep the kids occupied. Okay – I took a break and went to pick peas in the garden with the kids. Sierra loves them so much you can’t shell them fast enough - she eats them raw standing right there in the row. Kate and Heather kept plugging along in the kitchen. The result? Twenty one glistening jars of strawberry jam – seven per family. How cool is that? 

Kate and Heather

Saturday morning I took myself off (along with BFF, Karen) to the Orchard Tavern in Albany for my first Mavens of Mayhem meeting. What a great bunch of gals! I think I’m going to like being a part of this group and learn a lot more about mystery writing in the process. The meeting and the lunch were fab. Karen and I did a bit of shopping and when I got home I changed and went to my babysitting job. I took the three little angels in my charge for ice cream at O’Kenny’s and we all made it back and forth across Route 9 without incident. I felt like a Mama duck. "Walk fast - don't run! Okay - walk, walk, walk."

Sunday was the ultimate Father’s Day. Baseball! Sam began his tournament play and the team came in second. Dad and Grandpa were loving it. Great, sunny day, coolers full of food, parents and grandparent cheering the kids along then second place with a trophy and everything. More games coming up with the possibility of eventually going to Puerto Rico for some really Big Deal competition. Go Clippers!

Fixed hubby a steak dinner when we got home and then Carl and the girls came over for chocolate malted milk – Grandpa makes the best. Up in the garden again for more pea picking – Sierra had three in her right hand and holding out her left for more – that kid!

Just before nine we got a call from #3 son in Washington State. We Skyped with him and our granddaughter, Lillian who’s eight By the time 9:30 rolled around Grandma and Grandpa were pooped – but in the best possible way.

Great weekend? You betcha!



  1. Hmm, you made me hungry for fresh strawberries today! Your weekend sounds like quite an adventure filled with good work and play. Perfect! And I loved the photos.

    1. Oh, Cindy. The strawberries were so good. And the fields have plenty more if we want to go back. Today I got some rhubarb from the home of a lady at church and I'll make a pie for Heather's family when they visit from Texas in a few weeks. Glad you liked the photos!

  2. Nice post