Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn Sunday

Quintesentially Norman Rockwell. Did you ever have a day like that? The big word that starts with a Q means “purest form.” Yesterday was such a day for us.

It began with church where the verses were tough, but Pastor Slater was tougher making sure we knew we're all sinners, but forgiven ones. The most surprising aspect was when he raised his voice and asked, "Isn't a crying, whiney baby the most annoying thing in church?" And right at that moment a small child was squealing away in the back. It made us a little nervous. But then pastor shook his head with the rest of us. "No, of course not." He smiled. Sunday's lesson ended with Jesus words, "Suffer the little children. . . "

Then it was back home for a quick lunch and out into the yard for a glorious day of raking autumn leaves. About an hour in our youngest daughter-in-law called. “Carl and Eric are taking the boat out of the water and then coming over to split wood.” Heather was coming with the kids and that’s when it got wonderful.

Sam and Anna arrived with their dad, Eric, and I passed out rakes. Grandpa had the tractor going and his DIY trailer all hitched up to haul the golden bounty to the compost pile on the hill. Anna and Melodi begged a ride.

The leaf piles were too much to resist and all the stories of their dad’s growing up and jumping from the swing into great piles of them came to fruition in the minds of their kids. Look outta the way – here I come! And they did. Running, leaping, plopping on their bottoms. Grinning up from the piles so Grandma and Mom (aunt Heather) could snap them in action.


And of course they wanted treats. Sam negotiated for cookies and hot chocolate. “How many have I earned now, Grandma?” he asked as he gloated over his pile. I can’t wait until he’s sixteen and has a real appetite. He even performed this daring feat between bouts of raking.

Anna turned a cartwheel for me and Sierra climbed onto the tractor while it stood still. It took her a while to get used to the horrible roar and rattle the old thing makes. She eventually did get her ride.

Eric and Carl ignored their mother’s stealth photography; all busy splitting wood for the living room wood stoves they each have. We’re so blessed with old dead trees around here.

Adding to this perfect day was the old movie hubby and I watched after everyone left, Cheaper by the Dozen. The old one from the 40’s with Myrna Loy and Clifton Web. Talk about Norman Rockwell! We had a small libation and some peanuts as we watched and waited for the chicken to finish roasting.

Would it be awful if I boasted about our All American dinner? Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas from the garden, pickled beets (from the garden), cranberries, and homemade bread. Yum. Didn’t even need dessert even though there were still chocolate chip / raisin cookies that escaped the grasp of four grandkids – just barely.

Sometimes life is so good you think you must already be in Heaven. A foretaste of the things to come? I have to think so. God bless us every one.

October - Don't leave too soon.



  1. What a lovely family day! Those grandkids are making memories right now.

  2. Sue ~ thanks for sharing the Norman Rockwell Sunday. Sat here and read it aloud to my hubby and arrowed down the photos as I read. He looked on smiling. You deserve to brag ~ it was a beautiful day for you and your family.

    Now my hubby wants the same chicken dinner ~ bacon and all! Oh well... now I'll have to remember not ro read them aloud!

  3. LOL My guys love my cooking, too. If you ever want any recipes, Cindy, I'm your girl. Love your comments!

  4. ADORABLE! American culture at its finest!

    A Fan

    1. Oh, it's so nice to have fans. Thank you so much for you kind comment!

  5. Our boys like raking leaf trails in our big back yard. Then you chase, see, and holler all over the place.

    I like it, too. :)

  6. I hope they're as enthusiastic when there are piles of snow to shovel! Thanks for commenting, Rhonda.