Monday, October 1, 2012

Aw - October

You're just like me, aren't you? Our favorite time of the year is upon us. There's something about October that stirs up all kinds of feelings. The beauty of the season can leave us breathless, wanting to stay in the moment. The one where pungent odors from the earth's floor rise up as we inhale the mustiness of dropped leaves. The maples are especially vibrant with their russet and orange hues running out to crisp edges. In a day or two they'll be all brown and crunchy, but I love to grab some of these beauties for the brick ledge on the fireplace in our kitchen. Sometimes I wax them.

I baked gingersnaps last week. Makes the house smell heavenly. Warm and inviting like autumn always seems at first. Before the heating bills come and the frenzy of the next holiday season. I kind of like that, too, but today I'll simply bask in October. Here's a poem you might like. I wrote it  years ago; one day when the words wouldn't leave me alone.

Moon Dance

October drapes
her burnished skirt
stirred by an errant breeze

Bends down to earth
and offers thus
her crimson leathered leaves

Too soon the crisping
winter air will bare
the ancient bones

Of starkened limbs
that once were dressed
in vibrant greening tones

And yet once more,
beneath the moon,
all held within her trance

The aching soul
is touched
for ‘tis October’s dying dance

Image: Simon Howden                                                      Free Digital Photos


  1. Beautiful!

    That's all. :)


    1. Oh, thank you,Rhonda. That means so much coming from you. Have a blessed day!

  2. Rhonda's right... beautiful says it all. May each day of October bring you words and ideas and love all around you.

    1. Cindy, thank you so much - what a blessing you are, my friend. I hope each day of October is likewise as lovely for you. =0)

  3. I love October! And love this - I agree with Rhonda too! :) The weather is wonderful and we celebrate our wedding anniversary and several birthdays this month. Happy October!

    1. Karen - Lots of "happys" coming your way this month. Nice. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. Thank you so much for coming by. God bless.

  4. Jennifer Brown BanksOctober 6, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." John Keats

    Thanks for sharing this poem, Sue. :-)

    1. It's so true, Jen. We should all try to be a "thing of beauty." Thank you for your visit, my friend.