Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kids 'n Pumpkins

I wrote this kids poem many years ago. I've always loved pumpkins, those big fat orange gourds that have come to symbolize Halloween. I prefer them to so much of what we see these days for the observation of All Hallow's Eve, the day before All Saints Day. I don't need ghastly reminders of death, severed body parts, bloody knives. Yick. No, give me a jolly pumpkin like I describe in this article in Prairie Times and a cute poem. Much better.

By Susan Sundwall

Down in the hollow
Just over the hill
All of the pumpkins
Lay quiet and still

From planting to picking
Is quite a long time
They patienly wait
Growing fat on the vine

One day in the autumn
The children will come
Laughing and running
To choose for their own

Patting and pinching
They dash to and fro
Searching and seeking
Row after row

Oh, this one is perfect
So plump and so round
Orange turned up belly
There on the ground

The waiting now over
The pumpkins go home
Held in the arms
Of each little gnome

A lantern to cut out
A Jack or a Jill
From down in the hollow
Just over the hill  

Image: Arvind Balaraman                                                                  Free Digital Photos


  1. Susan, this is such a cute poem! Highlights?

    1. Hi, Linda! Ugh, Highlights. I've NEVER had any luck with them. Their editor, Mariletta Robinson, liked some of my things, but always passed. They are very particular and nit picky there. Tough, tough, market. So glad you liked my little rhyme, though. Thanks for visiting. =0)

  2. I agree with you about Halloween decorations. Pumpkins are the best and only thing I like to see (though the little ghosts people make remind me of Casper and that's cute). Loved your poem. And Linda is right. Don't give up on Highlights yet. I think your luck HAS changed!

    1. Hi, Cindy. I don't covet a spot in Highlights anymore. They turned down my award winning Crooked Rooster and that kind of said it all. =0( I like a ghostie here and a haunted house there - it's the gore and obsession with evil I don't care for. As always, love your comments!