Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Killer of a Cover

Here it is! My book cover. This is the second and final version. The first didn’t have the autumn leaves covering her leg. It’s a stunning design and really draws the eye, don’t you think? I’m pretty sure Minnie would approve, too. The reality of having a published book gets brighter and brighter. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands and will be delighted to sign them at my launch. And of course I’ll have a picture here of my happy self, grinning like crazy and kissing the cover.

The Red Shoelace Killer is what I term a comic-cozy mystery. In most cozies the awful crime occurs off stage. There’s no blood and gore to make you squirm, not much foul language to shock, and little or no sexual activity to distract. Well, now, how boring can you get – right? Not so fast.

Cozies are all about figuring out whodunit in a relatively safe environment. The amateur slueth gets there after the ghastly fact, has no credentials to speak of, and is more nosy than helpful sometimes. But, as in the cold case Minnie can’t let go of, that nosiness, that curiosity, is what wins the day. Without the burden of having to solve crimes to make a living, the cozy mystery protagonist has free rein. She can go off in directions not dictated by politics or protocol. And therein lies her strength. She uses her powers of deduction and pulls you in knowing you don’t need to be titillated with four letter words, heaving bosoms, and dripping knives to enjoy this adventure with her. And best of all she can hand you a good laugh or two as a kind of frosting on the cake. You and she are kin.

How many times have you nattered back at the televeision news report when some horrific crime unfolds? You feel like you could do a better job of sussing out the perp than the powers that be if only they’d let you take a crack at it. You have theories and ideas those people never thought of. You have curiosity in spades and a quick mind that's downright Sherlokian! The truth is, most of us can only natter, but in a cozy mystery you can live vicariously and solve crime after exciting crime alongside someone who’s exactly like you. 

So, if you find yourself sitting in your recliner enjoying a cup of something hot with a copy of my book in your hands someday soon, I hope that’s just what happens!


  1. How thrilling! I feel your excitement growing and I can't wait to get my hands on this book. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

    1. It won't be long now, Cindy. I'm nervous, excited, happy, a little scared - gosh. Just all over the place. =0) Thanks for your always welcome comments!

  2. Susan --

    Nice cover and -- no doubt -- book.

    PS -- LOVE the last paragraph :)


    1. Hi, Steve. It is rather striking, isn't it? I'm doing a the last minute things - like mailing lists - to get ready for my "debut." So glad you came over to my blog for a look-see. God bless.