Friday, March 9, 2012

Almost Garden Time!

Yesterday was so beautiful and warm around here it put thoughts of spring into everyone's mind. Hubby and I even ran some errands together; mostly because he wanted to check out gardening supplies at the local Ocean State Job Lots. He got some peat pots, a bag of lime and some twine for row setting. This picture is from his sweet pea rows last spring. He's already got watermelon and cantaloupe started in his little greenhouse in the barn. The garden will be huge this year.

The early warmth also put me in mind of a poem I wrote for a contest last year. Didn't win or place, but I still like it and share it here with you. Maybe the rhyme scheme isn't perfect but the sentiment is there.

By Susan Sundwall

In my sunny garden
with my rake and shiny hose,
breathing deep the springtime air
sent a mayfly up my nose!

I flailed around, I blew it out,
and stumbled all around;
but didn't see the doggie poop
behind me on the ground.

Stubbornly, I shook my fist,
"I'll get this garden in!"
Above my head, observing,
sat Ms. Spider with a grin.

She waited, oh so patiently,
to get her timing right;
then slowly dropped, without a sound,
into my line of sight.

I sprang up like a rocket;
my foot caught on the rake.
It clonked me in the noggin,
and then I saw the snake!

Some gardening days are diamonds,
and some — well —not so much.
I had to go back in the house,
or soon I'd need a crutch!

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