Friday, March 2, 2012

Reeeeecipeeee Day!

One of my most popular articles ever was written about our family recipe box. One of the publications was Sasee. You can read it here. 

When it appeared in Buxmont Living I got a very nice email from a reader who loved  it but she lamented one thing – that I hadn’t included the recipe for hamburger soup. That recipe was given to me at church by a beautiful 70 yr. old, Kitty Johansen,  who was about to move to Alaska to live with her daughter. I've used it for 30 years. And - yes - I sent that reader the recipe.

The editor at Catholic Forester asked for all the recipes in the article, but when I sent them she found she didn’t have room in her publication after all. She said she’d keep them on file. Hmmm – that crafty editor is probably making the homemade granola right now!

If you read the article and want any of the recipes I’ll be happy to send them to you. Just check my contact page. But for today you’ll be getting the one for hamburger soup in Susan’s Extras. If you want some awesome homemade bread to go with it I’ll send you the recipe I found in Grit for salt bread. Easiest recipe in the world! The bread is superb. Right, Karen?

Hungry yet?

Image: Simon Howden                                        

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