Thursday, March 8, 2012


So I have this new vacuum cleaner. It was on sale at Sears last fall, in my color – white and turquoise – and number of horsepower - four. A nifty little canister job. I read online reviews and they were good, too. Before I could even say “here’s my gold card” I had it humming around the house sucking up all kinds of stuff.

As with all my previous vacuums I use it for little tasks one might not ordinarily think of. Like grabbing up flies – in mid-flight - and whisking dried leaf and twig bits out of hubby’s shoes. Now, just to the right of where I’m typing there’s a small file cabinet, almost against the wall. I happened to look between the cabinet and wall a few days ago and reeled back – aghast to see a Dust Bunny Village on its way to becoming Dust Bunny Vegas. Good grief!

“I’ll get you!” I thought and scooted downstairs for my vacuum. Only the nozzle attachment was too big to reach the village. Dang! So I went for second best- my Swiffer duster. You know the one with the duster part you slide onto the yellow handle? Yeah, that’s a picture of it up there. It worked great on the village, but when I pulled it out it was overloaded. Every bunny in the village had hopped on – blech! A lot of over-breeding in Vegas this winter.

I do not know what prompted me to do what I did next. But my trusty vacuum was right there beside me so I turned it on and applied it gently to the end of the Swiffer.

Sluurrrrppppppppp! In two nano seconds the whole duster thingy was a goner. I heard dim echoes of shreiking bunnies.

I quickly shut the vacuum off and popped the top. You guessed it. The duster wasn’t in the bag, it was stuck half way up the hose. Visions of straightened metal coat hangers danced before my eyes. What moron would think she could suck a glob of dust off the fluffy end of that wand dealy bob? Am I four years old or something? Yeesh.

Not to be too hasty about remedies, however, I decided to give trusty vacuum one more go before I broke out the hanger. So I closed the top, turned her on and quickly heard the satisfying “thwock” of the duster being pulled into the vacuum bag. It’s still there.

I love my new vacuum. It really sucks.


  1. Sue, oh how this story resonated with me. You wouldn't believe the trouble I've gotten into with my vacuum cleaners! I break the belts like crazy and its quite common to smell burning rubber in our house. By the time I change the bags they are ready to explode! I too have swept a dust bunny off the end of my dust mop when it was bugging me and again more trouble!

  2. Nice to know I'm not the only dumb bunny. LOL

  3. Sue,
    Thank you for your wonderful sense of humor and the chuckles you gave me. I felt like I was in my own house with my own dust problems. My house doesn't have dust bunnies, I have dust elephants and tigers--a whole circus.
    So glad you like your vacuum. You're welcome to bring it to my house any time.

  4. Joy, I'll be right over! I think Bugsy Malone and Peter "the tail" Jones escaped just before I hit the switch, though. But I'll gettum next time! Thanks for posting.