Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's the Promise

We don’t have a yard, we have property. Oh, part of it is yardy, but mostly it’s mossy ground, stony walkways, a long gravel driveway, sticks and stones and plenty of weedy areas.  So when hubby and I walked the property this afternoon, I got a little bummed. There wasn’t a place we looked that didn’t scream Hard Work lives here. The barn is a mess, the stumps from old trees jut from the wood pile, paint is peeling on the house, mud abounds over by the grandkids sandbox and part of an old fence is down. Ugh.

But then I stopped myself. What in the world was I doing? Here it is, the middle of March, the sun was shining, little birds were darting about and I was looking at all the negatives. Mental head slap. I took a lungful of air. We kept walking, got out to the end of the driveway and noticed our one and only little clump of snowdrops reaching for that sun – and begging us to take a look. We did.

And then I ran and got the camera. I think I was head slapped from on high, too, and it changed my point of view. Sure there’s crud, Hard Work and chaos out there. Hello? It’s the end of winter. But there’s lots of promise, too. Let me show you what it looks like.  

My beautiful snowdrops will be gone soon. I can't look at them hard enough.

The soldier moss stood up to say "I saw a bluebird yesterday!" Part of a kids poem I wrote. Fits, huh?

And here's the Big Daddy of all the promises - John's plowed and waiting garden plot. Mmm - tomatoes!

Then, just as I walked down from the garden, thinking there were no more suprises anywhere,  I spotted these little darlings on the slope. We call them Bluettes around here and they keep their promise every year. These few are the vanguard. Soon they'll be everywhere - a lush blue field spread out at our feet.

Thank you, God!


  1. Susan --

    Wow -- that's really cool!

    Walt Disney Company once published a children's book called "Nature's Half Acre," and is described walking thru a backyard and seeing all sorts of nature -- bugs, grass, etc.

    You've done the same above.

    Your "property" sounds (and looks) pretty darn beautiful.


  2. Steve, it is beautiful. But I inherited the "clean gene" from my Scandinavian ancestors and we tend to see the mess not the bliss. LOL
    Love your comments!